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Alpes Hike Donkeys




I take a first aid kit, but can not deliver medicine. So think of your own medication like: headaches, stomach aches, but also treatment that you would have to follow.

Remember to inform me if you have allergies (peanuts, insect bites, aspirin, etc.), if you are asthmatic, diabetic...







Your equipment will be transported in a bag "military package" style. I count one bag per person, including sleeping bag and mattress. There is plenty of space if you pack carefully. A replacement short is enough, no need to plan a T-shirt per day, and the elegant evening wear will have no utility …




Do not forget


For evening and night


- Duvet (sleeping bag) (comfort 0 ° or 5 ° max)

- Small mattress, foam or autogonflant

- Flashlight (preferably frontal)

- Toilet affairs (we wash in rivers and streams)

- Warm jacket, anorak for example

- Fleece jackets or sweaters

- Pants

- Comfortable shoes, change for evening (running shoes for instance)

- It is possible that you may also need a pair of gloves and a hat


(It can be cool, even cold in the evening, so without planning to go hiking on the ice or snow, do not underestimate the effects of altitude).


For the daytime


- windbreaker, fleece

- Cap

- Sunglasses

- Sunscreen

- Walking shoes*

- Water bottle (if possible bentholder)

- Small backpack (optional: if you want to carry in your backpack sunscreen, bottle of water, camera, binoculars etc...)




*I strongly advise ankle boots, but they must be quality ones. If you buy new shoes for this trip, wear them at least a couple of times before leaving home to « break » them, it will certainly avoid you some blisters. If you are used to hike with low walking shoes, it's up to you...



On departure day, appointment between 9:00 am and 10:00 am (to be determined according to the 1st day hike), on the parking below the tennis court.


Arriving at the village, pass the "Ceillac" sign, go straight, and after the restaurant "l’Etape Gourmande ", turn left after the bridge. You will see the tennis court, and here you are. Park your car, you have probably seen the donkeys. I will give you, on arrival, the military bags that will hold your personal stuff, to be carried by the donkeys.

Typical day

Wake up (alarm clock) is usually around 7am.

After a good breakfast, it is necessary to tidy up the bivouac and leave the camp at about 10 am. We try to make 2/3 of the day hike before lunch, which we will take at about 1 pm.

A good break before leaving to finish the hike between 4 and 5 pm. Unloading the donkeys, removing their saddles then putting them in the park is our priority.

We will then set up the tents, take a break tasting cookies, syrup, etc... and go pick up the wood, then go clean up before the apéritif and dinner.

Sharing moments are thus frequent. It is important to take your time, after all, you are still on vacation…

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