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These are terribly charming animals. The donkey is the perfect companion to go on long hikes on the steep paths. Shy at first, it will know how to amaze you with to its playful character. It distinguishes himself by its clown-like behavior, its greed and its attentions.

Donkeys love children and are crazy for cuddles. Real synergy will be born between you and your new companions. You will be surprised by their intelligence and their curiosity, far from the popular belief. They like working and when Spring arrives after 9 long months of "vacation", they fight to be the first one to be saddled.


The group includes two mules (Achille and Hysope). They have the particularity of being real workhorses. While a donkey can carry up to a hundred kilos, Mules will be able to carry up to 150 kilos without stumbling.

However, they are less zealous  than horses and are more intelligent. They have strong and asserted character.


Achille is a mule born in 2009. His mother is a mare, his father a donkey. It thus has the power of the horse and the intelligence and hardiness character of the donkey. He can carry up to 150kg. He is very cuddly, but it is necessary to know how to win his trust. He needs his leader to work well. His name comes from the flower Achilée, which  make a delicious liqueur.


Hysope, also a mule. Born in 2008 smaller than Achille, he carries a little less, between 110 to 120 kg max, but he is smarter. He is the dominant animal of the group. He is full of energy and he is very impressive with his strength. His name is also a flower which is used in making another tasty digestif.


Troll is a gelded donkey. Born in 1998, he is the dean of the group. Adorable and very cuddly, it is not powerful enough to take the lead of the group, but he is still very intelligent. It completely trusts me, which allows me to let him lead through difficult trails. Medium-sized, he is not very powerful and only carries a maximum of 50kg. The Troll is a spring flower.



Born in 2003, Troll’s son, Cembro is really stubborn, he is nevertheless full of courage at work and carries up to 90kg if necessary. Very greedy, nothing scares him when he can get back a dry piece of bread in return as a reward...

Crocus is a quiet strength. Cuddle, but shy, it is the follower who will never leave the group. It is the most powerful donkey and can carry more than 100kg. Suspicious, it confirms popular belief that donkeys are stubborn...


Pepsi as Nesquik, is the last one to rejoin the group. Less powerful, it only carry about 50 kilos despite its size. Autonomous, however he is very cuddly.

Its black muzzle would have made a smuggler's donkey, because it makes it hard to see at night... it is small but full of energy and hard at work. He can carry up to 70kg. It is a damned character, very charming but also very independent. Inseparable of Achille, he probably thinks it is a mule itself....


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