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Le Queyras


Between France and Italy, the Regional Natural Park of Queyras remains a sparkling jewel in the heart of the Alps. Authentic and preserved, its magnificence is breathtaking. Benefiting from an exceptional climate, its extensive amount of sunshiny days made it famous long ago.

You will discover a preserved and welcoming nature, free of constraints.


Its unique charm comes first of all from its geographical location. The powerful Massifs of the Ecrins, Oisans and Viso block the weather disturbances, only allowing  the strongest to pass by, which will occasionally pour enough water to irrigate meadows, valleys and peaks.


Hot and dry air raising valleys push away the wet clouds generated by Pau plain to Italy. The sky here is crystal clear, with a deep blue color, with over 300 sunny days a year on average.


Access is not easy, restricting car traffic, and the absence of any urban nearby makes it the least polluted region of the Alps according to  a CNRS (NATIONAL CENTER FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH) study on the snowpack.


Its story is so particular, marked among others by the first autonomous Republic of the Escartons du Queyras, in 1343, and has forged a strong character of the Queyrassins. Proud of their past, they are happy to help you discover these treasures.


Its very southern location associated with the high altitude of its valleys, allow the flora to bloom and to give free rein to its creativity. It is necessary to see meadows to realize what it means. nothing can fully explain such splendor.


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