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Alpes Hike Donkeys

 2020 Prices


My rates are divided into two differents parts: 


1. The Guide Fee, including:


  • your guide (myself), my itineraries (bivouac zone, side roads), my knowledge of the environment, my training, my experience...

  • tents, chairs, carry bags...

  • bowls, plates, tumblers, flatware...

  • donkeys, their saddle pack, their bivouac park, my knowledge of their care...


The whole package for 75 per person per day (65€ for children under 10 years old).


2. The Food, including:


  • Full breakfast (coffee, tea, chocolate, chocolate croissants, bread, butter, honey, nutella)

  • morning snack (cereal bars, dried fruits)

  • lunch (cold, as pic-nic, but always balanced)

  • afternoon snack, (cookies, cakes, syrup)

  • dinner, cooked over the camp fire (you will be surprised to see how good we can eat at 2500m altitude !), aperitif, wine, liqueur, tea, infusion...


All for a fee of 15€ per day per person regardless of age



In case you would rather prepare your own meals, you can still book my services without the food option, but be aware that you would have to prepare my meals too !!


Your reservation will be effective as soon as I receive a 25% deposit check of the total amount.

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