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Alpes Hike Donkeys

Hello and WELCOME to my website.

I invite you to come and discover the Queyras in all its intimacy. Jewel of the Alps, its box does not open so easily.

I have been living in Ceillac since 1989 and would love to share with you the secrets of our Natural park.

Come to explore the flora and the wildlife of the Hautes-Alpes at the heart of our mountain environment and live there an exceptional and unique adventure.

Touring in autonomy (a different campsite each night) means no shelters or others compulsary points to pass, and no heavy backpacks to carry around.

Donkeys offer comfort, which would be impossible if you had to carry your clothing, equipment and your food.

Learn how to fit a saddle on a donkey while discovering such an intelliigent animal...

Share moments of conviviality in the bivouac.


And of course, do not hesitate to contact me for any special request.

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